Equipped for On-Demand Service

  • 4 service vans fully equipped to handle most emergencies and next-day service calls
  • 1 service truck dedicated to property maintenance
  • 1 bucket truck to provide lighting maintenance
  • Underground Locating equipment
  • Excavators and Skip loaders for underground
  • Megger/Resistance/Hi-pot testing equipment
  • IR Scan Equipment
  • Motor Control/Agricultural work
  • 12kv to 35kv installation and termination capability's

RARE Electric has always instilled its business practices into each employee, keeping up with the constant demand for quick estimates and even quicker response times to service and emergency calls, we have adopted a “can do” attitude when dispatching calls and servicing our customers.


(805) 736-0089

Core Capabilities

Adhering to customer needs

  • RARE Electric uses an up-to-date dispatching program that is electronically sent to each technician as it is entered the system by dispatch, this information is displayed on a tom-tom navigation system that gives the technician all the correct information and gives driving directions to the customer’s home or buisness.
  • No texting or phone calls to the technician is required, this makes for a “hands free” and safe environment for our employees as well as the public.
  • GPS Tracking of each individual service vehicle is displayed in the dispatch office so that a minute by minute update of each vehicle can be accurately tracked by dispatch and then can be used to update customers on arrival time.
  • Each service technician also can estimate any changes or additional work to be performed, this at times allows the customer to make decisions immediately verses waiting for an estimator to schedule another appointment.
  • Fully automated phone system allows clients to access the correct department without being put on hold, it will notify the individual by cell phone if he or she is away from their desk. This makes direct communication easier for the client.