Safety Business Group
The management team and leadership committee meet quarterly to review incidents and disciplinary actions, creating policy and processes to advance the Safety Program and develop training.
Foreman Meetings
Monthly/weekly, Foreman meetings are held to review the progress of the program, train on areas of safety and health, and present safety meeting and job site audits. Each project from start is reviewed by the safety coordinator and a safety mitigation plan is developed, each individual working on that project is brought up to speed on the job site hazards and plans are developed to mitigate these potential safety hazards.
Employee Disciplinary Warnings
It is our policy to document all employee violations of our safety policy and to coach and correct the individual’s behavior. “Say it when we see it” is the motto which creates a consistent pattern of compliant behavior. From Management to material handlers we are ALL involved in the process to ensure that the behavior is corrected.
Incident Investigations
Every incident is investigated by our safety director, from complaints of pain to the more serious. Our intent is to seek root causes and to prevent re occurrences. All injured employees are subject to Drug and Alcohol Screening at the discretion of the safety director and leadership committee.


Safety Assurance

  • RARE Electric has a strong commitment to conducting all operations safely and with care taken to protect persons and property.
  • Safety preparedness is key to every stage of work: planning, design, purchasing, fabrication, construction and maintenance.

Relentless attention to the finer details sets RARE Electric apart from our competition. We pride ourselves on our commitment to solid, continuing employee education and ongoing safety assurance.

 At RARE Electric, we have learned that a proactive approach to training and safety is the best approach. We encourage participation by all members of the organization from Management to the newly hired apprentice. Safety has become a “way of life” at RARE Electric, using a series of “Leadership committees” we have been able to weave safety responsibilities into each job function, these activities are what we believe make our company and program successful.


Employee Training and Education

  • RARE Electric requires apprentices to attend school and training for 4-year period. The electrical training program is taught by the local and state authorities.
  • Journeyman Electricians are required to have state certification and continue with on the job and class room training each year to keep their certifications current.
  • RARE Electric encourages continuing education for all employees, from field to administrative to management personnel. We Have our own "hands on" training facility that is used for continued education classes.
  • Each job classification has a minimum competency level and with that, a different amount of training. Rare Electric invests most heavily in our field supervision, who have been trained in our policy’s and OSHA standards. All new hires receive an orientation that covers all policies and procedures for safety, they must agree and sign the safety policy prior to being employed.
  • Safety is also communicated as the responsibility of each employee. Active participation and adherence to the safety policies is a condition of each employee’s employment. We have and will continue to maintain a safety and health program designed to train our employees to follow safe practices, recognize and correct unsafe working conditions. No employee is required to work at a job that he or she knows is unsafe.
  • Rare Electric’s safety policy has equal importance with the company’s policies of providing the best quality and most productive service in our industry.


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